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Web Client Software Factory and Data Access Layer

Posted in .Net Framework 3.5, ASP.Net, C#, General I.T, Visual Studio 2008 by Ratnakar Garikipati on November 30, 2007

I was exploring the Web Client Software Factory recently and one thing that I thought would be important to share with you all is – it does not come with a recipe to create data access layer for web applications – might feature in the next version though.

The current recommendation according to Microsoft’s Patterns and Practicses is to use the Data Access Guidance Package that comes with the current version of the Web Service Software Factory – From what I read, the next version of the Web Service Factory might not feature the Data Access Guidance Package as well but will be released separately.

The Data Access Guidance Package is fairly impressive with the features like Command Factories, Entity Factories and allows to create a flexible Framework for your Data Access Needs.

There are other Data Access Packages/Tools available if you wish not to use Microsoft’s Data Access Guidance Package inconjunction with the Web Client Software Factory – here’s a list of few – NTiers, NHibernate, WilsonORMapper, TableAdapters, ActiveRecord…