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a couple of LINQ tools

Posted in .Net Framework 3.5, C#, General I.T, Visual Studio 2008 by Ratnakar Garikipati on May 4, 2008

Visual LINQ Query Builder  

Visual LINQ Query Builder is an add-in to Visual Studio 2008 Designer that’s developed to help you build LINQ to SQL queries through a friendly interface. The tool can be seen in action here – http://blogs.msdn.com/mitsu/archive/2008/04/02/visual-linq-query-builder-for-linq-to-sql-vlinq.aspx  and available for download from the MSDN Code Gallery – http://code.msdn.microsoft.com/vlinq


LINQPad is proving to be quite successful and seen as a tool that’s not only useful to learn LINQ but also for dev purposes.  This tool:   

       supports C# 3.0 and Framework 3.5 (LINQ to SQL, LINQ to Objects, LINQ to XML)

       comes with 200 preloaded examples

       offers code snippet IDE

       free and only 2mb in size

more here –  http://www.linqpad.net/